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ICVSS Computer Vision in the Age of Large Language Models


SpeakersSyllabusTitles & Abstracts
Vijay Badrinarayanan
Wayve, USA
Autonomous Driving End2End Autonomous Driving: Performance, Measurement & Safety
Michael J. Black
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and Meshcapade GmbH, DEU
3D humans, human motion capture, LLMs, generative models, embodiment, human-object interaction, avatars, animation Learning digital humans that act and interact
Andreas Geiger
University of Tübingen, DEU
Generative models, 3D-aware models, compositionality, human avatars, GANs, diffusion models Efficient Generative Foundation Models in 2D and 3D
Georgia Gkioxari
California Institute of Technology, USA
LLMs, Object Recognition, Object Reconstruction Object Recognition and Reconstruction in the era of LLMs
Abhishek Gupta
University of Washington, USA
Robot Learning A Data Diet for Robot Learning: Data that Scales Passively
Aaron Hertzmann
Adobe Research, USA
Perspective, art, art history, human vision, 3D space, computational photography 3D Space in Art, Photography, and Human Vision
Derek Hoiem
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Memory, Continual Learning, Representation Always Be Learning
Diane Larlus
Naver Labs Europe, FRA
Continual learning, self-supervised learning, transfer learning, incremental learning Lifelong learning for visual representations
Richard Newcombe
Meta Reality Labs Research, USA
Contextual AI, Project Aria, Geometry, LLMs, LiveMaps, 3D World Models, Reconstruction, State estimation, Sensors, Glasses Always-on Contextual AI: The Future of Wearable Computers and the Potential for a World Model of our Physical Reality
Pietro Perona
California Institute of Technology, USA
Responsible AI Responsible AI: Measuring accuracy and bias in Computer Vision Systems
Bobby Rao
Microsoft, USA
AI and Industry How companies can thrive in the era AI
Stefano Soatto
Amazon and University of California Los Angeles, USA
Transformers, State Space Models Scaling Language and World Models: Stochastic Realization Beyond Markov and Towards Solomonoff
Andrea Tagliasacchi
Simon Fraser University, CAN
3D Reconstruction, Neural Radiance Fields, 3D Gaussian Splatting Fundamentals of (Neural) Inverse Rendering
Antonio Torralba
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Multimodal learning, tactile sensing Pixels in your feet
Lior Wolf
Tel Aviv University & Mentee Robotics, ISR
Perception and Robotics Perception for humanoid robots


SpeakersSyllabusRules of Engagement
Stefano Soatto
Amazon and University of California Los Angeles, USA
Reading Group: Meeting with Mentors Reading Group: Meeting with Mentors


SpeakersSyllabusRules of Engagement
Fabio Galasso
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Essay Competition Essay Competition


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