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ICVSS Computer Vision in the Age of Large Language Models

ESSAY COMPETITION - The Social Impact of Computer Vision

Deadline for registration to the competition is: 15 May 2024

Deadline for submission is: 20 June 2024

Essay Title 2024: Life and work at the time of llm, risks and opportunities. LLMs have opened-up the Pandora's box and reached all people. As scientists, we realize there is probably much more potential than evident to the general audience. Discuss how LLMs have, and will change the life and work of all, what lies behind the fears of many and what scientific research may alleviate risks.

Writing and Networking

Writing is an integral part of your PhD and networking is one of the finalities of the school. For the essay competition, you will be entered into groups of international students, formed to maximize diversity, to provide you with a unique experience. You will cooperatively write a brief essay (1500 words) with your team on the essay title before the school, which will also be the chance to get to know some of your fellow schoolmates before the school. All essays will be published on this page. The winners would be invited to present their essays at the award ceremony at the school.

Social Impact

The essay competition wishes to grow your awareness of the societal impact of your research, and how it may improve the life of many and our society. Positive examples are assistive technologies, powered by computer vision, which support individuals with a disability and care for the aging population. The essay is about a topic that matters.

Sponsoring the competition

This school track is sponsored by Panasonic, a renowned worldwide leader in technological innovation. Panasonic was born over 100 years ago with the mission to have a positive impact on society. Today, research at Panasonic is motivated by the belief that technology can play a fundamental role in making the world a better place. The winners would be considered for an internship at the Panasonic R&D Laboratories in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Instructions will be distributed to students after acceptance to the school.