STAG 2017 will be held in Catania. Catania is Sicily’s second largest city, with a population of around 300,000. It lies on the Ionian Sea, under the shadow of Mount Etna. Further information can be found here.

How to Get to Catania

By Plane: Catania International Airport is widedly connected to many cities in Italy, Europe and in the world. The airport is located close to Catania city centre. From the airport, it is possible to reach Catania city centre by:

By Ferry: Catania is also connected to mainland Italy (Naples) by a daily ferry service, that runs between Naples and Catania every night. The Catania Port is very close to the city centre.

Other Sicilian Airports:

Where to stay

Conference attendees are responsible for booking their own accommodation. There is a wide range of options in Catania, but we have listed some options which might be of interest to our guests. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • B&B VIlla Bellini
  • BAD B&B and Design
  • Domus Hotel
  • Hotel Bellini
  • Atrium Hostel
  • B&B Opera
  • B&B San Giuliano
  • B&B Soprano Home
  • Hotel Biscari
  • Hotel Agathae***
  • Angiolucci Residence
  • B&B Al centrocittà
  • B&B Da Nella
  • B&B De Curtis
  • B&B del Risorgimento
  • B&B Picone
  • B&B Rooms XX settembre
  • B&B Spadaccini
  • B&B Sul Molo
  • Casa Principe di Francalanza
  • Casa Tina Maugeri
  • Lumie di Sicilia
  • Conti B&B
  • Hotel Catania centro
  • Rosso Corallo
  • Amanda B&B
  • Martina B&B
  • All’Orto Bonatico
  • B&B Orlando
  • Villa dei Girasoli
  • Casa Carlotta
  • Four Rooms