The aim of the conference is to focus on smart novel ideas and smart customization of existing modeling and rendering techniques for effective Computer Graphics applications. The goal is also to bring together practitioners, users and researchers, which will hopefully inspire further collaboration between participants particularly between academia and industry.

The topics are (but not limited to):
- Modeling
- Rendering
- Animation
- Imaging and image processing
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Graphics systems
- Applications
- Information visualization
- Volume graphics
- Web graphics

In particular, we are looking for:

Tricks and Hacks: clever ways to optimize or otherwise improve known techniques or algorithms for real-world applications. Original Techniques and Algorithms: new ways to solve real problems. Methods that offer improvements over ones in common use. Experience/Advice: how to make practical use of known research results. For example, what are the parameter settings that really work? How much precision is needed? How many data points?

Best thesis award

Students graduated in italian university from 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017 can partecipate to the contest by submitting a thesis which covers one of the following fields: rendering, modeling, geometry processing, animation, visualization, virtual reality, computer vision, imaging e related subjects.
The winner will receive a prize and could take part to the main conference (STAG 2017) for free. Moreover, Eurographic will cover part of the travelling costs.