11 September 2017

14,30 Welcome
14,50 Session 1 - Geometry processing:

16,10 Thesis award
16,30 Coffee break
17,00 Keynote: Riccardo Scateni
Take it off: subtractive fabrication. The geometry processing research community put a lot of effort, in the last years, to study and solve dozens of problems raising linked to the usage of 3D printers. Only recently CNC machiner was thought as another possible tool for producing free-form geometries. We will try to see what can be used for small scale production in a research lab, what has been done and which problems are left open in the field.

20,00 Social dinner

12 September 2017

9,10 Session 2 - Images, visualization and interaction:

10,30 Coffe break
11,00-13,00 Project session:

13,00 EG It members meeting
15,00 Session 3 - Applications:

16,00 Conclusion