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ICVSS From Perception to Action


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Frank Dellaert
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
3D Reconstruction, NeRF, Neural Radiance Fields, Bundle Adjustment Structure from Motion and Neural Radiance Fields
Alyosha Efros
UC Berkeley, USA
Data, Self-Supervised Learning Computer Vision after the Victory of Data
William T. Freeman
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT, USA
Motion and Sound, Wavelet Processing, Visualizing Motions, Audio Suppression Motion and sounds: Using video to reveal invisible motions and to suppress unwanted sounds.
Phillip Isola
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Generative models, GANs, diffusion models, autoregressive models, synthetic data Generative Models as Data++
Angjoo Kanazawa
University of California at Berkeley, USA
3D Vision, Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction, 4D Human Perception, Volumetric Neural Rendering, Neural Radiance Fields From Videos to 4D Worlds and Beyond
Andrej Karpathy
Language Models, GPT GPT-4 from Scratch
Vladlen Koltun
Apple, USA
Robotics A Quiet Revolution in Robotics
Jitendra Malik
University of California at Berkeley, USA
TBA The sensorimotor road to artificial intelligence
Deepak Pathak
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Robot Learning, Generalization, Adaptation, Social Learning, Curiosity Robot Learning In The Wild: Continual Improvement by Watching and Practicing
Jean Ponce
Ecole normale supérieure, FRA & Inria, USA
Image Formation Machine learning meets physical models of image formation for photography and astronomy applications
Jim Rehg
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Egocentric Vision, Social AI, Multimodal Machine Learning, Face and Gesture, Action Recognition, Ego4D, Developmental Machine Learning An Egocentric Approach to Social AI
Torsten Sattler
Czech Technical University in Prague, CTU
Visual Localization, Privacy Visual Localization or Where Am I and Who Knows
Stefano Soatto
Amazon and University of California Los Angeles, USA
Foundational Issues in AI Foundational Issues in AI: Views from the real and the ideal worlds
Lorenzo Torresani
Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Meta, USA
Video and language, multimodal learning Learning to Understand Video Through Language
Angela Yao
National University of Singapore, SGP
Long-Range Video Understanding, Procedural Activities Long-Range Video Understanding


SpeakersSyllabusRules of Engagement
Stefano Soatto
Amazon and University of California Los Angeles, USA
Reading Group: Meeting with Mentors Reading Group: Meeting with Mentors


SpeakersSyllabusRules of Engagement
Fabio Galasso
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Essay Competition Essay Competition


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