Egocentric Visitors Localization in Cultural Sites

Francesco Ragusa1, Antonino Furnari1, Sebastiano Battiato1, Giovanni Signorello2, Giovanni Maria Farinella1,2

1IPLab, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Catania, IT
2CUTGANA - University of Catania, IT

Test videos have been acquired using two wearable devices: Microsoft Hololens and a chest mounted GoPro Hero4. We have performed two different Training phases: 1) the Training was performed only on Hololens'data; 2) the algorithm was trained only on GoPro's images. Test videos show the performance of 1) on Test videos acquired by Hololens and the performance of 2) on Test videos acquired by GoPro.

Hololens Results

Test1 Hololens
Test2 Hololens

Test3 Hololens
Test4 Hololens

Test5 Hololens
Test6 Hololens

Test7 Hololens

GoPro Results

Test1 GoPro
Test2 GoPro

Test3 GoPro
Test4 GoPro

Test5 GoPro
Test6 GoPro

Test7 GoPro