RECfusion: Automatic Video Curation Driven by Visual Content Popularity

Alessandro Ortis, Giovanni Maria Farinella, Valeria D'Amico, Luca Addesso, Giovanni Torrisi, Sebastiano Battiato. RECfusion: Automatic Video Curation Driven by Visual Content Popularity. ACM Multimedia 2015. Web Page

In this work we present RECfusion, a system able to automatically create a single video from multiple video sources by taking into account the popularity of the acquired scenes. The frames composing the final popular video are selected from the different video streams by considering those visual scenes which are pointed and recorded by the highest number of users' devices.

The Social Picture

S. Battiato, G. M. Farinella, F. L. M. Milotta, A. Ortis, L. Addesso, A. Casella, V. D'amico, G. Torrisi. ACM International Conference in Multimedia Retrieval 2016. Web Page The Social Picture is a framework to collect and explore huge amount of crowdsourced social images about public events, cultural heritage sites and other customized private events.The Social Picture aims to create social communities of users that contribute to the creation of image collections about common interests. The collections can be explored through a number of advanced Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms, able to capture the visual content of images in order to organize them in a semantic way. The interfaces of The Social Picture allow the users to create customized collections by exploiting semantic filters based on visual features, social network tags, geolocation, and other information related to the images.