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29 July - 4 Aug 2018 Favignana, Sicily

Medical Imaging meets Deep Learning

See pictures of previous editions: Set1 - Set2


The school will be held on the beautiful island of Favigana, which is part of the Egadi Archipelago, just 9 miles off the coast Sicily. Favignana is a glorious yet still mostly unspoilt island, which provides excellent conference facilities in form of a former tuna factory – the “Ex Stabilimento Florio”, which used to be the most important industrial plant of the Mediterranean for tuna processing. Today, after having been beautifully restored, its marvellous architecture has made it one of the top sights of Favignana, boasting a museum, an information centre, a large and modern conference room, and very pleasant outside, yet shaded space for poster sessions and breaks.

Favignana can easily be reached by sea directly from Trapani (on “mainland Sicily”) via ferry or hydrofoil. Additional hydrofoil services from Naples or Marsala exist. The nearest international airport is Palermo, with some smaller airline carriers flying directly to Trapani.

See pictures of previous editions: Set1, Set2.

Welcome Drink at the Florio Palace (MAP) INFO
Conference Centre - Ex Stabilimento Florio
(Ex Tuna fishing factory) (MAP) (INFO
Natural Landscapes (see images)

Reduced room rates for school participants have been arranged and will be offered on a “first-come first-serve basis” in self-catering appartments (with kitchen) at single, double, triple or quadruple occupancy, for 330€–650€ per person for 6 nights (depending on occupancy), including bedding/towels and cleaning. Applications for room reservations must be made before 30April 2018 15 May 2018 using the accommodation reservation form (Accommodation Reservation Module) to be sent by email directly to Elyos S.r.l - CASE Vacanza (Attn. Mrs. Patrizia: elyos@arcipelagoegadi.it). Students coming from different universities can share the room (mark the related field into the accommodation module - Elyos S.r.l - CASE Vacanza will arrange the shared rooms). After 30April 2018 15 May 2018 there is no guarantee for reservations in Favignana. Participants may of course also directly arrange for alternative accommodation via a local agency. Note that room reservations will become very difficult from May onwards.

The accommodation prices for MISS participants are the following:

Accommodation from 29 July (in) to 4 August (out) 2018 (meals are not included) Price x pax
Single Occupancy Apartment 650 €
Double Occupancy Apartment 450 €
Triple Occupancy Apartment 360 €
Quadruple Occupancy Apartment 330 €


The following transfers (including bus + ferry) will be provided by the school (without charge):

FROM TO DEPARTURE - Sunday 29 July 2018 ARRIVAL - Sunday 29 July 2018
Palermo Airport School Location 17.00 20:00
Trapani Airport School Location 18.00 20:00

FROM TO DEPARTURE - Saturday 04 August 2018 ARRIVAL - Saturday 04 August 2018
School Location Palermo Airport 08:00 11:30
School Location Trapani Airport 08:00 10:30

For more information, send an email to: miss@dmi.unict.it