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ICVSS Computer Vision - Where are we?

ESSAY COMPETITION - The Social Impact of Computer Vision

Deadline for submission is: 15 June 2019

Essay Title 2019: Assistive technology needs to surpass national political, social and cultural boundaries. Discuss the topic from a research and innovation perspective.

Writing is an integral part of your PhD. Your awareness of the social impact of your research may improve the life of many and our society.

This essay competition focusses on assistive technology powered by computer vision, which may support individuals with disability and care for the aging population. This competition is a unique experience of writing an essay with other international students on a topic which matters.

This school track is sponsored by the new Rome Laboratories of Konica Minolta Lab Europe (https://research.konicaminolta.eu/). The new research center, established in 2017, targets the creation of new values for the society, including the care of the elderly and the disabled, in collaboration with hospitals and nursing homes.

All students would be entered into the essay competition in groups. All essays would be published on this page. Detailed instructions would be sent via email.

The winners would be invited to present their essay at the essay award ceremony. Most importantly, the winners would be granted the opportunity of an internship at the Rome Lab of Konica Minolta Lab Europe, a unique chance to research, innovate and make the difference!

The prize was assigned to Team 8:

Yuki M. Asano, Ali Furkan Biten, Federica Lago, Ruijing Yang

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