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ICVSS Computer Vision after Deep Learning

ESSAY COMPETITION - The Social Impact of Computer Vision

Deadline for submission is: 15 June 2018

Essay Topic 2018: The democratization of AI and the impact on assistive computer vision

The essay competition reflects the importance of the social impact of technology onto the "real world". Computer vision is a scientific research area with profound impact onto our society, ranging from industrial inspection to security technology, medical imaging and autonomous vehicles. It has the potential to create and sustainably scale assistive technology, ameliorating the life of individuals with disabilities and providing tools for the care of an aging population. Our awareness of the potential impact is a standpoint for improving our society.

Participants in the competition are invited to write an essay on the proposed essay topic (above). There are no style guidelines nor "correct answers". You may propose arguments and original points of view, referring to any scientific source, within your area of investigation and/or your research interest. It is requested that the discussion be scientifically grounded on current technological and research achievements, e.g. start-ups, patents, publications. There is a strict word limit of 1,500 words, excluding citations and footnotes.

The school committee will select best essays based on their judgement and announce the winner at the school on 13 July 2018, awarding her/him with a prize of € 525. The essay competition prizes are sponsored by CVPL and IET.

Deadline for submission is 15 June 2018. Send your submissions in PDF or Word format to icvss@dmi.unict.it before the above-indicated submission deadline. Report on your essay your name, email address and affiliation. All participating essays will be made public on the school web page.

The prize was assigned to

Annalisa Polidori, CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy

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