Multimedia Security and Forensics @ IPLAB

With the rapid diffusion of inexpensive and easy to use devices that enable the acquisition of visual data, almost everybody has today the possibility of recording, storing, and sharing a large amount of digital images and video. Security is a major concern in an increasingly multimedia-defined universe where the Internet serves as an indispensable resource for information and entertainment. Multimedia (Security) Forensics is devoted to analyse digital multimedia contents such as photo, video and audio in order to produce evidences in the forensics domain. Specifically, we are interested on investigating multimedia data by analysing the authenticity and integrity of data and by reconstructing its history since acquisition and beyond (Image Ballistics). The activities of IPLab’s group, in this field are mainly devoted to:

  1. R&D in partnership with public and private institutions
  2. Teaching activities (Computer Forensics 2010-2018, ecc.)
  3. Technical consults and support for investigation activity with strong reference to multimedia data analytics (i.e., both images and video and audio analysis)

In 2016 iCTLab was founded, as spin-off of the University of Catania to work on technological transfer in the field.

The aim of this page is to present research done by the Image Processing LABoratory(IPLAB) in the scope of Multimedia Security and Forensics.