3D Digital Imaging for Knowledge Dissemination of Greek Archaic Statuary

Smart Tools and Apps in computer Graphics, STAG 2016

Filippo Stanco1, Davide Tanasi2, Dario Allegra1, Filippo L.M. Milotta1.

1University of Catania, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - Italy
{allegra, milotta, fstanco}@dmi.unict.it
2University of South Florida, Center for Virtualization and Applied Spatial Technologies (CVAST) & Department of History - Florida, USA

Browse the available model of Kouros of Leontinoi through the link and the How to guide below.
Then, you should be able to run the application directly on your browser.
===> Explore this model

How to use the Unity web application:

Mouse Right-click - Rotate the model
Mouse Press Scroll - Translate the model
Mouse Scroll Up/Down - Zoom in/out the model
Mouse Left-click - Select a marker and open the related info panel
GUI Commands - Rotate the model, enable/disable marker, enable/disable texture