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ICVSS Computer Vision: a Renaissance


Computer vision is the science and technology of making machines that see. It is concerned with the theory, design and implementation of algorithms that can automatically process visual data to recognize objects, track and recover their shape and spatial layout.

The sixteenth edition of the International Computer Vision Summer School aims to provide both an objective and clear overview and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art research in Computer Vision. The last decade has seen a revolution in the theory and application of computer vision and machine learning. The next decade will see machine perception in embodied systems which learn representations for and from action and interaction.

The courses will be delivered by world renowned experts in the field, from both academia and industry, and will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of real Computer Vision problems as well as examples of their successful commercialisation.

The school aims to provide a stimulating opportunity for young researchers and Ph.D. students. The participants will benefit from direct interaction and discussions with world leaders in Computer Vision. Participants will also have the possibility to present the results of their research, and to interact with their scientific peers, in a friendly and constructive environment.

ICVSS was awarded the IEEE PAMI Mark Everingham Prize (2017).


Courses details are available here

SPECIAL SESSION - Industry meets Student

In addition to the academic programme, we are organizing a special session to allow students to meet and learn about the opportunities and activities at the world leading research laboratories and companies which are exploiting computer vision.

Industrial Panel

More industries are coming soon!



The school will be open to about 100 qualified, motivated and pre-selected candidates.

Master Students, Ph. D. students, Post-Docs, young researchers (both academic and industrial), senior researchers (both academic and industrial) or academic/industrial professionals are encouraged to apply (a confirmation email will be sent to you). Each student is strongly encouraged to submit also a reference letter (Reference letter Module) by email (icvss@dmi.unict.it) to the attention of Prof. Giovanni Maria Farinella.

The expected school fee will be in the order of €525 for Master and Phd students granted by academia, €750 for other academic positions and €960 for all the others. The fee will include all course materials, coffee breaks, bus service from Catania Airport to School Location and viceversa, WiFi Internet Connection, a guided tour, a social dinner, a party on the beach, a folkloristic exhibition and bus service from School Location to Catania, Siracusa and Taormina at the end of the school.

Applications to attend ICVSS 2022 should be received before 19 April 2022. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance by 29 April 2022.

Late registration can be done with an extra payment of €150.

Applications can be done through the online module.


Accepted students may submit a poster to present their research activity. The poster should be submitted before 31 May 2022. Suitable space will be reserved to students for showing their posters. The electronic version of the posters will also be available from the ICVSS web site.

More information about the submission procedure is available here.


A scholarship of €525 will be awarded to the best PhD student attending the school. The decision will be made by the school committee at the time of the school, taking into account candidates' CVs, poster and oral presentation. All PhD students attending the school will be considered for the grant.


A selected subset from the submitted posters will be selected by the school committee for short oral presentation. One best presentation prize of €525 will be given to the best presentation selected by the school committee.


Detailed instructions will be sent to students after acceptance notification.

The prize was assigned to:

Group 1: Omid Taheri, Eva Pachetti, Denys Rozumnyi, Anna Kukleva, Michaël Ramamonjisoa, Xu Chen

Group 7: Shayan Joya, Axel Sauer, Hyojin Bahng

Group 10-11: Roberto Amoroso, Gabriele Tib, Laura Della Sciucca, Deniz Engin, Chiara Plizzari, Lukas Melas-Kyriazi

Group 12: Dominik Filipiak, Gabriele Graffieti, Stefano Borzí

Group 13: Lorenzo Catania, Sofia Broomé

Group 14: Anton Obukhov, Nam Hyeon-Woo

Download All Reports

ESSAY COMPETITION - The Social Impact of Computer Vision

Deadline for registration to the competition is: 10 June 2022

Deadline for submission is: 29 June 2022

Essay Title 2022: The societal impact of AI, its dual-use and peacebuilding capabilities. Discuss the topic from a research and innovation perspective, from the standpoint of one world-wide research community

Writing is an integral part of your PhD. Your awareness of the social impact of your research may improve the life of many and our society.

This essay competition focuses on assistive technology powered by computer vision, which may support individuals with a disability and care for the aging population. This competition is a unique experience of writing an essay with other international students on a topic that matters.

This school track is sponsored by the Leonardo-Labs, technology incubators intended to support Leonardo’s long-term research and the development of cutting-edge technologies. With the help of Leonardo Labs and divisions, Leonardo’s objective is to become an “AI Intensive Company”, based mainly on the following themes: Trustworthy A.I., Small Data Scenarios, Synthetic to Real Training, Efficient Deployment.

All students would be entered into the essay competition in groups. All essays would be published on this page. Detailed instructions would be sent via email.

The winners would be invited to present their essays at the essay award ceremony. Most importantly, the winners would be granted the opportunity of an internship at the Leonardo-Labs in Rome, a unique chance to research, innovate and make a difference!


Student Application:19 April 2022
Notification Acceptance:29 April 2022
Online Registration:15 May 2022
Early Registration Payment:15 May 2022
Late Registration (with extra payment of 150€):25 May 2022 (last date for registration)
Accommodation Reservation at Hotel Village Baia Samuele:25 May 2022
Poster Submission:31 May 2022
Local Arrangements Information:15 June 2022
Essay Competition Registration:10 June 2022
Submission for Essay Competition:29 June 2022
Submission for Reading Group Competition: See details on the Reading Group page
Notification of Decision for Oral Presentation:15-July-2022 (same day of the presentation)


ICVSS 2022 will be hosted by Hotel Village Baia Samuele in Punta Sampieri - Scicli (Ragusa), Sicily from 10-16 2022. Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. The island is very rich in archeological sites from various Ancient Civilizations. The sea, weather, food and the wine are excellent.

In particular Punta Sampieri - Scicli (RG) is located in the south east of Sicily in a late Baroque area called Val di Noto. The Val di Noto area is included in the Unesco World Heritage List and includes eight nearby towns: Caltagirone, Militello Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo, Ragusa and Scicli.

The location of the school rises in the middle of an ample bay delimited on the west from Sampieri and on the east from a cliff, on which is founded an ancient furnace, rare example of industrial archaeology. The Hotel Village "Baia Samuele" stretches in a gentle slant to the beach: 120 thousand square meters delimited from rows of secular cypresses. An ultramodern village with an original architecture, pleasant design and all comforts you can imagine. The frame of plants and flowers, typical of this angle of Sicily, in front of the island of Malta, completes this gilded dream of the Mediterranean.


ICVSS participants will be hosted at Hotel Village Baia Samuele (school location) at very special rates. There are no other accommodation options. ICVSS participants must make reservations for accommodation no later than 25 May 2022, using the accommodation reservation form (Accommodation Reservation Module) to be sent by email directly to Baia Samuele reception (icvss@igrandiviaggi.it). After 25 May 2022 we can no longer guarantee a reservation at the Hotel Village Baia Samuele (hence a place at the Summer School). Please note that no other accommodation options are available.

The accommodation prices for ICVSS participants are the following:

Accommodation from 10 (in) to 16 (out) July 2022 Price
Single Room + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 850€ per pax (first 40 booked single rooms - first come first served)
Single Room + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 1000€ per pax (from the 41st to the 60th booked single room - first come first served)
Double room + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 730€ per pax
Triple room + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 585€ per pax
Quadruple room + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 475€ per pax

Reductions for children sleeping in parents room are:

Children sleeping in parents room
Children from 0 to 2 years 150€ per pax (only 60 single rooms are available in total)
Children from 2 to 6 years 285€ per pax
Children from 6 to 12 years 355€ per pax


The following bus service will be provided by the school (without charge):

FROM TO DEPARTURE - Sunday 10 July 2022 ARRIVAL - Sunday 10 July 2022
Catania Airport School Location 12.30 14.30
Catania Airport School Location 19.00 21.00
FROM TO DEPARTURE - Saturday 16 July 2022 ARRIVAL - Saturday 16 July 2022
School Location Siracusa 09.00 10.00
School Location Catania Airport 09.00 11.00
School Location Catania 09.00 11.15
School Location Taormina 09.00 12.00


A shuttle service is available provided by Eraclea Travels Staff:

  • Taxi max 4 passengers - about €176
  • Mini Bus max 8 passengers - about €209

Reservation can be done directly on site during the school or by email to: info@eracletravels.it.


Useful informations on Flights and Car Rental can be found here. The main rental car companies operate at the airport of Catania.


Red markers indicate Catania Airport and the School Location.


Information on previous ICVSS editions can be found here.