ARCA 2.0: Automatic Recognition of Color for Archaeology through a Web-Application

F.L.M. Milotta, C. Quattrocchi, F. Stanco, D. Tanasi, S. Pasquale, A.M. Gueli

Demo page for 2018 IEEE International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

How to

This is a Demo page - Available features are intentionally limited.

1. Select an image from the dataset and plot point(s).

2. Pick a point: click with left or right mouse button on the image.

3. Click on "Save Report".



Pick point(s) in the image and start RGB to HVC conversion

Output name

Image name


ARCA is a joint project between University of Catania and University of South Florida

Principal Investigators: F. Stanco ( and D. Tanasi (

Development Supervisors: F.L.M. Milotta and F. Stanco

Development in charge of web-application: C. Quattrocchi

Colorimetry Experts: A.M. Gueli, S. Pasquale and G. Stella

Idex WebSite: usfidex