We are currently involved in the following projects:

Title: EPIC-Kitchens
Partners: University of Bristol, University of Toronto, University of Catania
Principal Investigators: Prof. Dima Damen, Prof. Sanja Fidler, Prof. Giovanni Maria Farinella

Title: VEDI - Vision Exploitation for Data Interpretation
Duration: 24 months
Starting Date: 01 Jan 2016
Grant by: PON MISE Horizon 2020 (Prog. n. F/050457/02/X32, CUP: B68I17000800008, COR: 128032)
Grant Amount: € 1.424.404,87
Partners: University of Catania (CUTGANA), Xenia Gestione Documentale srl, IMC Service.
Principal Investigators: Prof. Giovanni Maria Farinella, Prof. Giovanni Signorello

Title: MBZIRC 2017
Grant Amount: $ 61.000
Principal Investigators: Prof. Sebastiano Battiato, Prof. Giovanni Maria Farinella, Prof. Giovanni Muscato, Prof. Corrado Santoro
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